Dr. D. Gwenette Stokes
Christian Bible Teacher

Dr. D. Gwenette Stokes is dedicated to guiding readers on the path of spiritual service and empowerment as a "first responder" in Christ. Through her insightful teachings, she illuminates the significance of offering spiritual support to those navigating life's challenges, emphasizing the role of the Christian community in uplifting struggling believers. With a focus on providing spiritual CPR during crises and addressing church wounds such as unforgiveness and betrayal, Dr. Stokes encourages individuals to heal wounded spirits and embrace God's love for sinners. 

She is a member of New Destiny Church , pastored by Bishop C. Carl Smith and Pastor Adrienne Smith. 

Dr. Stokes holds a Doctorate of Christian Ministry from North Central Theological Seminary. As a Biblical teacher, administrator, and Editor-in-Chief of Women in Touch Newsletter, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her ministry. Dr. Stokes has also served as a Christian Basic Training instructor, speaker for the Nationwide Evangelism Training (N.E.T.) workshop, and ministry leader for counseling and orientation for new church members.

Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award from the International Society of Poets, Dr. Stokes is passionate about encouraging believers in Christ to experience the abundant life and trusting the promise in Ephesians 3:20. Her desire is to build up and empower others through the Word of God, helping them apply biblical truths to their lives while advancing the Kingdom of God. A native Californian, Dr. Stokes enjoys relaxation by the water, solving puzzles, research and development, and quality time with family and friends.

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